“Polykarpos Dimitra”


Dimitra Patereli Xypteras and her family produce the “Polykarpos Dimitra” organic extra virgin olive oil in Plomari, Lesvos with care and passion, rooted in tradition but also conforming to contemporary production and quality control processes throughout its production.

Its name is inspired by ancient Greek mythology and more specifically Demeter – the Greek goddess of farming, agriculture and harvesting of Mother Earth (the name Demeter derives from Earth + Mother in Doric dialect). She was often called “Polykarpos” (fruitful in Greek) therefore referring to the fruitful slopes around Plomari, where harvesting takes place once a year with intensive care.




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Please contact us using the following form or send us an email at dimitra[at]polykarpos.com or call us at (+30) 2252031971